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How this project started: I was driving around, running errands and listening to 91.5FM WBEZ Chicago in December 2005. They were talking about a band that had created One Song a Week. They discussed the challenges and issues related to creating, recording, and releasing a song every week.

That idea kind of sat in my mind for a couple of weeks...

I thought about raising the stakes, and mulled it over, "Could someone write One Song Every Day?" It just seems to be an absolutely zany thought, and it seems to be such a monumental task.

A brief interlude...
(I have been writing songs since I was 16 - and always humming a tune before that :) I started to learn about music through the trumpet and still play today. I went to DePaul University on a trumpet scholarship, and then got interested digital recording with computers, synthesizers and MIDI. Technology has come a long way from the old 4 track cassette recorders with out board effects, - to all digital recordings and digital processing done completely in the computer.)

• Can one write 365 songs? - all holidays, every day - no matter if your sick, no vacations, no time off - a task to complete every day for one year.
• What kinds of topics would you cover?
• Would you use poems - books - plays?
• What types of song forms and song styles could be utilized? (jazz, classical , blues, rock etc.)
• Could one create - record - master - and release - One Song Every Day?
• Would the songs be vocal or instrumental?
• What kinds of instruments, computers, synthesizers and sounds could one use?
• Would one bring in other male/female singers to record?
• What kinds of recording equipment - microphones - cables - set up would be needed for daily recordings?
• Would the stamina (every day) be there? - (while working another full time job) - i honestly have doubts
• Could it be done? (talk to me next year)